Orudica 2000 OOD (Ltd.), Elhovo


The factory is located in the town of Elhovo at 169 A. Stamboliyski Street and comprises a foundry - "Metal-working" workshop on an area of 7 118 sq. m. In 1969, iron foundry for casting fitings and industrial parts for plumbing and sewer systems started its activity in the Industrial Plant Elhovo, the current owner of the facilities at that time. In 1982, the current owner was renamed to "ORUDICA-Local Industry". The plant undergoes a general overhaul of the buildings stock and technical equipment. The activity of the iron foundry is still ongoing. In 1999, the sole-proprietor limited liability company "ORUDICA" EOOD, Elhovo becomes posession of the limited liability company "ORUDICA-2000" Ltd. Elhovo, according to a bargain and sale agreement of privatization.

Following the ownership transfer to the newly established company, specialists in metal casting and metalworking were employed. The model equipment was completely renewed, resulting in higher quality and performance. Plumbing fittings and accessories are in the complete nomenclature according to the requirements of the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization (BDS).


"ORUDICA-2000" Ltd., Elhovo, is a well known and established on the Bulgarian market manufacturer of connecting components for water supply systems, drinking water supply systems and irrigation systems. The company has Certificate of Conformity №14-NSISOSSP-156 for connecting pieces made of cast iron and sheet steel with bituminous coating issued by “BULGARKONTROLA” Jsc.

Since 2003, "ORUDICA-2000" Ltd. manufactures hydraulic equipment, agricultural implements and spare parts for agricultural machinery, with Certificate of product conformity to the harmonized European standards, issued by the Agricultural and Forestry Machinery and Spare Parts Testing Centre, Ruse.

Company is located on two production sites having total area of 20.2 decares and lies on the town entrance road from Yambol and the international road connecting Elhovo with the border checkpoint Lesovo-Hamzabeyli, Turkey.

Company also manufactures articles on customer's request. "ORUDICA 2000" Ltd., Elhovo has a quality management system implemented in compliance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, and issued certificate № QS - 5019 HH на "GL".