Agricultural implements directly from Orudica, Elhovo

ORUDICA 2000, Elhovo, is a leading manufacturer of agricultural implements. Along with the manufacture of agricultural implements, the company's business activity is complemented by metal casting and manufacture of plumbing fittings.

ORUDICA 2000 manufactures:

Agricultural implements

  1. Hydraulic and trailed rollers as well as inventory and spare parts for agricultural machinery.
  2. Mounted type cultivators for fused surface cultivation..
  3. Mounted type harrow.
  4. Subsoiler.
  5. Shredders.

Connecting components for water supply and water distributrion systems.

"ORUDUCA-2000" is a well known and established on the Bulgarian market manufacturer of connecting components for water distribution networks, systems for drinking and household water supply and irrigation systems.

  1. Cast iron castings - fittings and plumbing accessories - gibaults, flanged joints, clamp saddles, cast iron flanges, shaft covers, shaft grids, security pots for closing valves, etc.
  2. Steel flanges and parts for water mains..
  3. Fire hydrants.

Customers of Orudica products are regional and municipal companies in the system of water supply and sewerage throughout the country, private irrigation companies, many private and municipal construction companies.

"ORUDUCA-2000" has implemented a quality management system in compliance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, Certificate № QS - 5019 HH на "GL".

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