Soil rolling

Importance of rolling

Soil rolling supports germination and is the basis for good harvesting.

Easy re-adjustment
Soil rolling Soil rolling Soil rolling Soil rolling

Soil rolling is a procedure the caregiving farmer can apply to preserve the seeds and practically prepare the germination process.

The large number of experiments prove the increase of yields when using soil rolling. The more uneven and rough the earth surface is, the more positive the effect of soil rolling is.

There are other positive effects of the soil rolling: if more stones are present in the soil, the well done soil rolling after spring sowing will reduce the harmful effects of surface stones on the sowing machines. Through the spring rolling of the autumn crops, the frozen surface layer can be treated thus facilitating the air access to the plants' roots. For the freshly sown seeds, it is important to provide suitable germination and growth medium.To begin germination process, moisture, heat and air are needed.

The most common problem in the process of germination is moisture.This is especially true in the cases of drought when the contact between soil and seeds is not good. Soil rolling is of great importance to soils which form firm cover as a result of sudden rainfall after sowing.This firm cover on the ground hardens the top layer of the soil and prevents the proper development of the plants.Again soil rolling, in such cases, is the solution to the problem and opportunity for better harvest.

Power consumption is low, productivity is high, therefore, compared to other soil-cultivating activities, soil rolling is a cheap and highly efficient operation. Soil rolling is the direct path to increased yields and safe development of the plants.

Re-adjustment of the soil rolling machine

Re-adjustment of the machine near the rolling area, using the soil rollers manufactured by ORUDICA 2000 LTD, is easy and fast without leaving the tractor cab. Rollers are eqipped with security system through which they automatically open in the beginning and close at the end of the work.